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With the fabulous Italian Jordan Trey on lead vocals, Rens de Hond, who toured extensively with ‘We Will Rock You – The Musical’, on guitar, Leon Padmos on keyboards and vocals, Bart ‘Dus’ Pellinkhof on bass guitar and Victor Louisa on drums and vocals… Miracle will turn any stage into a rock stadium and let you relive the glory days of the Queen age! Miracle, a true Dutch Queen tribute with an Italian flavour!

Miracle The Dutch Queen Tribute


  • Oct01 Legends of Rock Tribute, Woerden Molenvlietpark Tickets
  • Oct02 Ponyweek, Heeten
  • Oct21 Legends of Rock Tribute Tour, Hilversum De Vorstin Tickets
  • Oct29 Legends of Rock Tribute Tour, Assen De Bonte Wever Tickets
  • Nov05 Legends of Rock Tribute Tour, Leuven Brabanthal Tickets
  • Nov12 Legends of Rock Tribute Tour, Enschede Metropool Tickets
  • Jan21 Legends of Rock Tribute, Diest (B) CC Den Amer Tickets
  • Mar04 Legends of Rock Tribute Tour, Reuver Manege HSV De Paardenvriend Tickets

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